his skin is the color of the sky at sunset. he is broken into pieces. glass. it shines and reflects light with a gleaming hue of hopelessness. his pieces fit together in the most chaotic of fashions. it is beautiful. he is love. burning out from the core with a soft light. the harsh texture of his defense. skin.


mind travel. [part 2]

“this is George? again, uh, you, uh, you have to understand. you have to use your mind right. this idea is of extreme importance for you to understand. if you can’t do this for us then I don’t think you fully understand the gravity of the situation. some people in this world have just got to use their minds. we know where you are. we know how to get to you. and we will come.” (just before the line goes silent on the voicemail I heard a squishing sound and then what sounded like a wet explosion in the background.)

okay, what the fuck do I do now? I shouldn’t have been so curious… damn it.

Text Message Sent at 3:45 am (“I am concerned about your motives and I wish to no longer be associated with you and your ‘group’ I suppose. Please do not contact me further.”)

I really, really hope this guy isn’t serious…

Missed Call Notification at 3:51 am

Knock at the door at 3:51 am – no one there.

stupid kids knocking on my door and then running away. wait… it’s almost four in the morning…

3:52 am – a loud bang came from my balcony behind the closed blinds and glass door. I checked the noise to see that my entire balcony is in shambles.

I am on the 3rd floor. how the hell did anyone get up here to do this?

Missed Call Notification at 3:53 am

Voicemail Notification at 3:53 am – the message follows:

“we see you…”


[end of part 2]

mind travel.

I can’t believe it. that was fucking weird. shit. stupid ass book. what is this shit? ooooh “mind travel!” astral projection ehh? bullshit. I’ll bring it home anyway it’s kind of funny.

Well my curiousity got the best of me a couple hours later. I couldn’t resist. 1:00 am

2 Texts sent:
1st at 1:03 am July 25 (“who is this?”)
2nd at 1:20 am July 25 (“why did you give me the book?”)

1st Phone Call Received at 1:27 am

Voicemail Notification at 1:28 am

do i check the voicemail? do i not check the voicemail? what the hell do i do? 1:36 am

Voicemail checked at 1:39 am – rustling and static in the background and then the line goes dead

Text message sent at 1:40 am (“leave a voicemail explaining yourself?”)

Missed Call Notification Received at 1:41 am

Voicemail Notification Received at 1:43 am

well isn’t he just prompt… I need a break from this…

Voicemail checked 1:49 am

The message of the frantic man is transcribed here:

“hi this is George? I got your text message I dont know how to text so I thought I’d call give you a call you told me to call to leave you a voice message I thought I’d help you out and stuff and things and learn how to use your mind more and stuff and things I do for other people too and stuff and things and nothing else and stuff and you know a lot of people don’t know how to use their mind more you know thats all nothing else know you know people that want to use their mind more you know and them things you know because you know a lot of people don’t know how to use their mind too good so I’ll talk to you later bye.” (lots of rustling and movement in the back ground.)

this guy is fucking nuts.

I have decided to ask him to cease all communications. 2:00 am

Text Message Sent at 2:00 am (“please do not contact me further.”)

Missed Call Notification at 2:03 am

Voicemail Notification at 2:05 am

Text Message Sent at 2:05 am (“stop contacting me.”)

Voicemail checked at 2:06 am


[end of part one.]

journal 6.

looking back on it, it is disappointing to realize how sad I have always been. can someone please help me? just something, anything, please one thing that will make me smile. even if it’s just a little bit. a teeny weeny bit? please, anyone. hello? oh fuck it you’re crazy you’re just talking to yourself anyway.

(please understand that these really are journal entries. these are things I write to myself personally. they usually shouldn’t be shared but I like when people understand people. it helps us understand ourselves. sharing our personal thoughts are one way of doing that. understanding.)

thick air.

you heard me

say it

it rang loud

through the halls

of my house

you heard me

it was nothing

but a whisper

yet it sounded

like a


you heard me

it pierced through

your silence

breaking the

stillness in our

quiet room

you heard me

in the dark

blackness of night

that filled

the air with

a fog

you heard me

and we knew

the thick air

held my words

and they


you heard me

and you knew

it was how I felt

we stayed there

and slept.