Silly Little Things

I have a lot of thoughts. most of which suck. but I have a lot of them nonetheless. so I will share them. with you. so go ahead and take a peek. don’t tell. keep them safe with you.

1) sometimes I like to hold my breath so long my vision goes black.

2) if prior to the existence of our universe there was nothing, then where did the matter and anti-matter come from that collided together to create the world around you?

3) are cats intelligent enough to secretly plot against their can openers?                (can openers are what I refer to cat owners as.)

4) why are cigarettes sometimes so unsatisfactory that you feel the need to immediately smoke another? but other times you feel accomplished and undeniably satisfied with your “after cigarette sensation.”

5) it’s a shame that there aren’t more Carl Sagan-s in this world.

6) I feel like a fat, lazy housewife in a really 70’s double wide, smoking cigarettes and watching soap operas.

7) do fish cry?

8) “there was a hole, so I went for it. basic human instinct, man.” -me

9) why do you need hammocks when you can just hang a bed?


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