his skin is the color of the sky at sunset. he is broken into pieces. glass. it shines and reflects light with a gleaming hue of hopelessness. his pieces fit together in the most chaotic of fashions. it is beautiful. he is love. burning out from the core with a soft light. the harsh texture of his defense. skin.


there she was.

she looked beautiful. her amber hair swayed back. I followed her shape and watched her hips. hypnotizing really. she is taking life and ruling it. a queen over her kingdom. she dances through life with a fire, a flame. with all of her beauty and all of her might, she dances. I am a moth and need my flame to dive into head first.

this one is for you.

it’s the truth. don’t thank me for it, thank yourself. thank yourself for being as incredible a person as you are to be able to dream up images so wondrous and beautiful that truly make other people feel what they shouldn’t be able to. that, my dear, is beautiful. more beautiful than anything I have ever witnessed in my lifetime. and I am lucky enough to be able to experience that with so many people.

(how I feel about other artists.)